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well some old art here i really hate but ive gotten better over time and im proud of how i used to writed and know im way better at it


awsome pics by other great artist who desrve the praise



United States
blah names jorge and im a gamer and I want you to Die :D
not realy i still need you alive so enjoy it while you can ;D

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First things first this will be a one on one no mobile suit both combatants will face off without their suits.

Setsuna F. Seie

Trained by Ali-A-saachez  he was turned into a child guerrilla fighter and is trained in various fire arms explosives and close quaters combat.
knife included. He is a pure innovator first of his kind the full capabilities of an innovator are still unknown but these are the best known

   theory, a Genuine Innovator has the ability to sense other users of quantum brainwaves (QBWs), possesses telepathic abilities that allow him or her to sense the thoughts and feelings of neighboring people, enhanced reflexes and a sense for danger precognition, and the capability to utilize the special propeties of high grade GN particles to communicate emotions/feelings out towards other people.

Kira Yamato

Kira is quite the accomplished pilot but he lacks in military training
his experience with fire arms is low and even once had to have Mwu remind him that he had the safety on on his gun.
by season two however his experience in fire arms improves.

Kira showed he knows little in self defense but he uses his seed factor to make up for his lack of experiance
most of his skills relly on technology as he was studying to be a OS programmer.

lets see how round one goes.

equipment given to both of the series are as fallows both afteir their second seasons

Kira has what seems standar in the ZAFT cockpit is

first aid kit

Setsuna what seems in standar for CB operatives is
Adrenaline shots
explosives(setsuna exclusive)


Setting up camp Kira decided to scout for the other suit that had been heavily damaged in the fighting. Taking his knife and fire arm with him he set out to investigate. The woods where fairly dark but his coordinator vision kept it fairly well lit but he
did wish he had a flash light about now.

Setsuna saw the pilot of the enemy mobile suit he was heading in his direction taking out his hand gun he readied to take him out.
eyes wide SEED factor kicking in Kira rolled away from the incoming shot and hid behind a tree taking his personal hand gun out as well. poping from cover he shot at the Setsuna who quickly change positions and fired back nearly taking on a few hits. rolling behind a stone he checked his clip to 6 shots eyes glowing golden he 'felt' the other pilot coming smirking he placed down a mine and moved away making sure to cover. Rushing in Kira fired two shots but was greeted by a land mine jumping away in a split second the shock wave made him fly and land roughly. with his un-canny luck no serious injuries where given but he had fired his last two shots Setsuna popped from cover and shot three shots Kira rolled behind a tree and took his knife out. Throwing another and his last explosive to flush Kira out  Setsuna took aim. Kira thinking quickly threw his knife at setsuna and ran as Setsuna ducked but fired of his last three shots.  with his enhanced hearing Kira heard the clicks deciding to try and rush Setsuna who picked up Kiras Knife.

Going for a tackle seeing it coming Setsuna prepared and side stepped the tackle coming up on Kira who quickly stood back up to strike. Always trying to keep his enemy off balanc Kira punches without noticing the knife and using his training to his advantage Setsuna is able to grab the thrown punch. using his own arm bending Kira's back the young coordinator is forced on one knee and with a strike of his elbow Setsuna breaks his arm. With the knife Setsuna drives the blade into the back of Kira's neck twisting it to rip both the cerebral cortex and trekia. With blood pooling his mouth Kira's mind went dark Setsuna dropping the body taking the knife out.

"Setsuna F. Seie target eliminated" wiping the blade on the corpes pilot suit Setsuna turned around and walked away.

Setsuna wins the first round

Setsuna has experiance and is military trained by the worlds best mercenary Ali-Al-Saachez. Setsuna is very skilled in fire arms and close quaters combat using hsi training with Saachez heavily on Exias fighitng style.

Now round two mobile suit combat Not no ship support for any of these units there for no METEOR or long range bombarment from both ships. first up the strike freedom

Kira's Strike Freedom is armed with the following

MA-M21KF Beam Rifles
MA-M02G "Super Lacerta" Beam Saber
EQFU-3X Super DRAGOON System
MX2200 Beam Shield Generator
MGX-2235 "Calidus" Multi-Phase Beam Cannon
MMI-M15E "Xiphias 3" Rail Cannons

Kiras X factor which depending on the battlefield becomes useless is its propulsion system "Voiture Lumière"
inside the atmosphere Kira cannot deploy this and also despite its powerful cold fusion reactor.
Gravity does affect His suit most.

Now For Setsuna F. Seie who will be piloting the Gundam 00 Raiser as his Qan[T] would be too powerful for a 'fair' fight.

Setsuna is armed with the following

GN Beam Machine Gun
GN Beam Saber(this particular models can adjust their length)
GN Micro Missile
GN Shield
GN Shield
GN Sword II
GN Sword III
GN Vulcan

Setsuna's X factor he can quantamize for a limited time.

Field of Combat? space


Setsuna saw the approaching target on his radar "Eliminating target" full throttle he sped towards to Kira who activated his DRAGOONS seeing the weapons coming for him Setsuna he activated his full potential as an innovator. familiar with bit weaponry he easily took down all of Kira's Dragoons. trying to keep distance Kira fires his dual beam rifles scowling at the annoyance Setsuna moves back and fires off a barrage of micro GN missles. gritting his teeth Kira accelerated and used his beam rifles to fire at the missiles. at full throttle he fired his machine gun forcing Kira to doge missles AND beam fire.

Scowling even more Setsuna brought his sword and closed in slashing one of the rifles in half spinning Kira delivered a kick to Setsuna. with quick reflexes Kira fired at Setsuna "humph" uttered Setsuna putting up a GN field deflecting the attack and closing in for close combat. Kira fired his under chest Calidus forcing Setsuna to fly back. Seed effect in full fury with his remaining weapons Rail guns Calius beam rifle he locked into Setsunas suit. "enemy lock on, enemy lock on" Haro said from the 0 Raiser on his back pulling back Setsuna brought his GN sword III back out "HARO!" Setsuna screamed!

"TRANS-AM BURST!" Yelled Setsuna eyes glowing golden perfectly stabilized twin drives massive amounts of GN particles covered the area in massive amounts. Firing the full burst mode Kira with dread saw the beams of the calius and beam rifle dissolved near the 00. but his rail-gun impact weapons hit the target hitting 00's leg and right arm. "Uagh!" screamed Setsuna in his cockpit but recovered quickly. Setsuna with his newly expanded mind read Kira's move turning he saw the incoming beam saber this time Kira aiming for the Cockpit seeing that he had to kill this opponent now. Kira swong and hit the GN particles as 00 qunatamized. not fast enough 00 apeared and slashed Kiras right wing off turning takinga swipe at Setsuna Kira hit GN particles again. Again Setsuna this time slashed the remaining beam rifle off along withe arm up to the elbow flying back Kira desperate for breathing room tried to get away from the GN field but one wing less his flying pattern was off with only one propulsion system. charing his Calius he saw setsuna balde out streched charged flying suit glowing orange after images coming a GN particle field set before him.

"UAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!" Kira fired his Calius and rail guns

"AHHHHHH!!!!!!" The shots defleceted harmlessly off the GN shield finally at the last second the shiled dropped and the sword was driven through the cockpit of the Strike freedom. Kicking it off the blade Setsuna sped away as after a afew seconds the nuclear reactor exploded but Setsuna quantamized quickly avoiding the blast.

"Target eliminated returning to Ptolemios"  

Honeslty Kira sucks over all as a pilot BUT he nearly beat Setsuna because Setsuna does not know of the freedom's weapons as such when he activated the trans-am burst which renders the suit immobile for a small time crucial in battle. Now i take the charaters and not warp them in any way that being said I take Kira as given he does not target cockpits had he targete the cockpit with the rail guns he would have won this scenario. BUT Kira is Kira he did not aim for Setsunas cockpit until he was being damaged by the 00. quantamazing finished him off but with the added preformance of the trans am Setsuna just went overkill. This was not the only scenario i ran but it was the most fair of them in the others Kira lost horribly especially the one where Ship support was involved. The Eternal is severely under-armed compared to the Ptolemy not to mention the Ptolemy can use Trans-am with the other suits inside it.

In the end Sestuna is the better pilot WITH his training and ruthless fighting style.

Kira has no professional training and relys sorely on his skill and his tech advantage Setsuna in second season faught GN powered machines that where piloted by trained pilots. and even the famed license carriers Ie Graham and the innovades.

Kira never faught anything euqual in skill on the second season as he showed he could beat shinn if he actually TRIED.

anywho hoped you enjoyed            

:thumb261493473: Nazi Fetish, not Nazi support by ChuButterfly ZeroxLayer Stamp by FlareDragonessReshi Delta Stamp by Coley-sXe Humanity First: Cerberus Stamp by TheBadWolf toko stamp by crazysistahs Videogames Are NOT Evil stamp by Hentai-Sweetie

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